Robert and Liz – Palazzo Mannocchi Petritoli Wedding Photographer

We’d been friends for 13 years, and best friends for 8 years before we got married. Rob is the romantic who dreamed of a wedding and I imagined something simpler just the two of us, but when we found the Palazzo in Petritoli, we knew it was going to be the perfect place to bring our family together and celebrate. We have no relation to Italy other than we love visiting, but when you find an Italian castle to host some of your nearest and dearest, you get on a plane and go!

Petritoli itself is magical. The people are wonderful and welcoming, the cobblestone streets wind through the hillside to reach the clock tower at the top, and the way the light hits everything is stunning. We felt as if everyone in Petritoli was celebrating with us whenever they joined in to dance under the stars with us. It didn’t take much planning to create the perfect wedding in this fairytale town. We can’t wait to go back!