Matte and Jessica – Capri Elopement Photographer

”When fate is the obvious reason”

Sometimes you do a U-turn in life. When you falling down in a black hole with what it feels like at the moment, no return ticket. And on the way down you meet another person with the same fate, heartbroken and deceived. That’s how it started for us, our journey together like soulmates.

Our first contact was actually in a modern way, on internet via a dating site.

Two days after we met in real life, walking around a grey and cold Stockholm, drinking coffee and talking for hours, that’s when we understood that both of us were in the exact situation in life, deceived and betrayed only 2 months earlier. Not really able to meet someone new, we were messed up.

We had of course a lot to talk about and we understood eachothers problems and thoughts and tolerated our ups and downs. We struggled together through this months of love and hate feelings that comes with a break up and fall on love again, a cocktail of mixed feelings.

When most of the the anger and disenchantment began to disappear we came out strong on the other side together like best friends and incredibly in love.

We like the same things and share the same taste in everything. We also share the passion of travelling, music, training and everything that makes life a little better. Today we are living the dream in our house in Sigtuna in Sweden with our kids, and friends and family nearby.

Italy, and especially Capri is a special place for us. We visited Capri the first time in 2016 and really fell in love in that beautiful island, and knew right away that we should come back one day. Capri also have special connection to Sweden with Axel Munthe and his Villa San Michele, wich is fun.

We got engaged in Tuscany in 2017 and started do dream of a wedding in Italy, and the dream com thru the year after.

And the 26th of june 2018 we had the best wedding that we could possible wish for, on ”our” beloved Capri, just the two of us, so happy, so greatful, so incredible in love!

The most important for us was on our wedding day were a ”relaxed retro Italian feeling”. We also said that one of the most important thing was the rigtht felling for the pictures and sorroundings.

We could not wish for a better photographer, Paolo knew right away what we wanted, a touch of retro movies and rock n roll, so awesome!

Big thanks to Capri Moments that made our day so special. A special thanks do the lovely italian taxi driver and his retro car from the 60s’s who spiced up our day with a genuine italian feeling.

With love, Jessica & Matte