Michael and Allie met in late April of 2016 through a dating app, and agreed to meet in person just one week later. While they were both incredibly nervous about meeting, they ended up sitting and talking for almost 6 hours about everything you could possibly discuss, as if they had known each other forever. From that night on, they became inseparable. They shared moments in all of their favorite places, from Hammonton and Ocean City, NJ, to Philadelphia, PA, to Walt Disney World in Florida in the short time they were together before getting engaged. They quickly formed a strong bond over their common interests, backgrounds, Italian heritage, and a shared love for family and each other.

Their engagement took place in Philadelphia, PA, in a private romantic room at a wine cellar complete with roses, candle lights, and surprises. They will be getting married in 2018 at a church in Allie’s hometown, with reception to follow in Philadelphia. The location for their reception was chosen based on a mutual love of the city. Allie completed her nursing education in the city, and currently works there as a registered nurse. Michael has always enjoyed the city as well, as it is home to all four of his beloved sports teams.

Allie and Michael chose the locations for their photos because they felt that these special places showcase the class of the city as well as the uniqueness and charm of Philadelphia. The Ben Franklin Bridge is symbolic of their ties to both New Jersey and Philadelphia. It may be called the “City of Brotherly Love”, but the city is so much more to this couple; the romantic sights and landmarks of this historic place bring together the perfect picture of the love that Michael and Allie share for each other. They cannot wait to begin their journey together in marriage!