Hi, I’m Paolo Ceritano


is the way I SPEAK


I want to create something that,
when reflected upon in future years,
constitutes a visual heritage of you.

Life to me has always been seeing
the world through a camera,
giving my own point of view,
true but artistic at the same time.

The next wedding
I’m going to shoot
is going to be the best
I have ever shot.

I want to capture your wedding day the way it should be, in a real, honest, story-telling way.

As a destination wedding photographer I’ve shot weddings and elopements all over Italy, UK, France, USA and Canada.


Tim and Rachel – Capri Elopement Photographer

When it comes to plan your elopement in another country and in a small island like Capri, finding the right location or ...
24 June 2019

Michael and Allie – Ballroom at the Ben Philadelphia Wedding

We knew we wanted to get married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as we both absolutely adore this city. It is our favorite ...
15 March 2019

Danny and Laura – Capri Engagement Photographer

Laura and I met Memorial Day Weekend, 2009. I went to college with a girl named Lindsay who invited me and my best frien ...
7 February 2019

Matte And Jessica – Capri Elopement Photographer

”When fate is the obvious reason” Sometimes you do a U-turn in life. When you falling down in a black hole with what it ...
7 February 2019