Matthew and I met in 2008 on a random night out at the bar. We exchanged phone numbers and he hasn’t stopped texting me since. Neither him nor I were interested in a relationship; but something about us together felt different. We had a friendship that grew into a relationship nine months later which eventually turned into this beautiful wedding.

It took a lot to put this wedding together. Matthew and I were young when we met and had a life to build before we could have the wedding of our dreams. I successfully finished nursing school while waiting for Matthew to finish his school then eagerly waited for him to accomplish his dreams of becoming a police officer. Once he successfully completed this we had to move across our country -Canada- and plan our wedding!

Not only did we come home to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for our wedding but we got to come home and be with our friends and family we have missed while we have been away. This made our wedding so extra special for us, our families, and our guests.

We had a large Traditional Italian wedding, in St. Anthony Church followed by a reception and party in the St Anthony Banquet Hall where we had delicious food served by an amazing staff; just as we wanted. When it came to it our music vendors had everyone of all ages dancing until all hours of the night.

In order to make this the wedding of our dreams there was a lot of planning to do. Thankfully we have amazing family and friends that helped from a distance. As soon as mom got the go ahead to help plan the wedding, she told us she had thee photographer. His name was Paolo and he would be travelling from Italy. Paolo captured a friends wedding in Italy a few years ago and since then, mom always said he would be the photographer at our wedding. A few days later Paolo was sending us messages! He was easy to communicate with, even considering the eight hour time difference. Paolo was a very professional photographer. His style of photography basically made him invisible. We didn’t even notice he was around. This worked well with our videographer as they were able to easily work around each other with no issues at all.

Thank you for flying from Italy to Canada for us Paolo!

Vendor credits:
Videographer – Joe and Magda Ital-Can
Make-up – Megan Harvey and Teri Leigh
Hair – Mariella Rispoli and Jannie Albert
Decor – Rachelle Mariage GDS
Band – The Cougar Chicks
DJ Joe
Porchette – Chef Vincent Belle
St. Anthony Banquet Hall