Speaking of your own love story, one can not fail to do so with that bit of presumption to think it’s special. If I think about us, my first thought is distance.

Born in one of Castelli Romani I studied in Perugia when we met. Born in Calabria he was adopted by Brianza at the age of five.

A fortuitous and casual encounter almost five years ago, totally unexpected. Right from the start, kidnapped by his eyes and his beautiful ways. At the beginning, we played giving appointments through Italy and Europe. I still remember when we met in Paris on his birthday… I was reading in a typically Parisian bistrot (cliché) and he was running to meet me, then at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, its lights never looked so good as that night.

And now together in Milan. Milan is what you don’t expect, that only by experiencing it succeeds in conquering you, it is renewed continually and is full of vitality and energy. A bit like us.
The same city that, through its symbols, we chose as a scenery for these shots and for our future projects.

I like to think about us walking smiling, as in this photo, as says Mario Benedetti’s poem that ends like this: “… and by the street side by side we are much more than two.”