We met in 2007, we were both working in restaurant San Domenico in Imola.
We were really young, trying to make our way into the tough restaurant business.

We did not fall in love with each other at first sight, but little that we knew 2 years later when I left the place, we were both deeply in love with each other without even realize it.

We moved to London in 2010 and lived together ever since. A tricky city to live in but we both felt a connection with it. Considering the fact that we are and feel Italian-Londoners and our good relationship with the Italian Ambassador, we couldn’t have decided for a different venue and city to get married in but with a wonderful Italian ceremony celebrated by the Ambassador at the Italian Embassy.

After a classy classic ceremony, our reception could not have been anywhere but in a modern skyscraper with beautiful views of our lovely city for all our overseas guest to enjoy.
Ups and down as every wedding day should be, outbreaks and tears followed by joy and smiles, definitely worth it and a wonderful day to cherish forever.