Since I was a child seeing the world through a camera and telling a story has always attracted me particularly.

I always had this goal until high school graduation, after which I started studying Cinema at La Sapienza University of Rome. After graduation I had my first experience as a cameraman and video editor until I decided to go back to the origins of video and then moving on to photography. Essential to create good images, to rule shot, lights, exposure is the ABC for any creative work with images. The technique allowed me to have a more disciplined approach and at the same time instinctive and totally free of preconceptions while I try to establish a connection between me and the subject.


When trusted with the pivotal role of shooting a wedding, my intent is to tell a story. To create something unique and personal, by seizing the moments naturally. My wish is to create something that, when reflected upon in future years, constitutes a visual heritage of you, a treasure rich with sincere emotion. The priority should not be in the literal documentation of every detail, but in capturing the imagery that tells a much bigger story, photos that evoke authentic memories not only of sight, but of touch, smell, taste and sound.


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