Davide and Francesca – Casale Santa Maria, Abruzzo Wedding Photographer

The Bride: the most beautiful day, what a day!

Our friends, our families, wonderful weather and the amazing venue…and then he and I…the most beautiful day of our life!

To find a theme for our celebration we started from the month we chose to get married, May the month of flowers, in springtime everything reborn and get color. So we choose a rustic setting: the colors and the smell of the wildflowers had to give the feeling to be in a Flemish painting to our guests, every details had to immerse guests in the enchantment of a spring evening between the soft lights of the lanterns leaning on the trees, the smell of hay that decorated the corner of “arrosticini”, the smell of lavender coming from every corner of the garden, and then being on a hill where you can see on one side our beloved sea and on the other side the majesty of the “Gran Sasso” under a beautiful starry sky made magic that night that we will never forget and that will remain in our hearts for all our life.