Alessandro and Camille – Chateau de Cocove, North of France Wedding Photographer

Camille and I met in March 2017.

We were already working together in the same team, then a sort of diatribe of national pride between Italian and French cuisine was born almost for fun. So, I invited her to eat a carbonara on a Sunday and she raised after a few days on French cuisine. It was born almost for fun.

At the time I lived in the center of Lille in a vertical 1930s house (70sqm on three floors), it was nice. She was starting to spend more and more time with me, returning to me after her night shifts before I got back to work. Everything was secret at the time, we hadn’t said it yet at work.

I proposed in May 2018: the engagement ring was built for her, a goldsmith from Teramo made it and I had been following the progress of the construction thanks to photos sent on what’s app for months. I made her find it one night in Teramo in my room on the pillow, it was two days that I had it in my pocket day and night but I never found the right moment.

The choice of the place was spontaneous, direct, we didn’t say it but we both knew it: for Camille Ambleteuse it’s where she spent holidays in her childhood also the history of the village and the wilderness of the coast has always fascinated me.

I remember the first time we went there in the summer: 13 degrees on August 13, 2017. We had taken a walk in the dunes and we found ourselves under a downpour sheltering a pine forest in the dunes: in the end we were soaked! Then there were the small things of life of the coast: the fact of living according to the rhythm of the tides, the tranquility of the place… the seals!

The wedding came practically on its own: we both wanted a sober style and to think not only of a half-day party but something to live together with the people we care about the most: that’s how we decided it should have been a holiday for everyone. For the reception we were struck by the park of the castle: we imagined it at sunset (as on the photos).

For Camille, things were even stronger with a huge family scattered all over France: it was a time to meet everyone.

Camille was looking for a simple dress, there are many photos taken by her friends (which I saw later) In which she is wrapped in a sort of cauliflower du tulle. She chose something that had a simple cut, the embroideries were made according to the Calais crochet tradition (therefore the local tradition returned, the attachment to the origins).

Then she liked her embroidered back, in short, she felt good in it.

Dress: Lambert Créations
Groom’s shoes: Tod’s 
Bride’s shoes: Cosmoparis
Church: Saint Michel Ambleteuse
Venue: Chateau De Cocove a Recques Sur Hem 
Vintage Car: Tickford Location
Flowers: Les Bouquets de Pauline